Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Little Birdy Told Me...

I've been wanting to add my "Little Birdy Told Me" print as cards to my shop for a while! I can check that off my list now :) Yay.  I have so many more items I'd like to add, which I will eventually, but my list of projects is a little long right now. Whew! I'm trying my best at juggling it all, but I'm no circus clown :)

These sweet little cards are great because you can send them for almost any occasion...birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments, baby announcements and more. You can order a single card or in a set. Great to have on hand to celebrate those special moments :)

Hope you enjoy them!

XOXO, Rhianna


  1. These are super cute and genius! This way people can buy one card to keep on hand for everything. They look great!

    1. Oh thank you Tiffany! Exactly! It's always good to have cards like this on hand so you don't have to go searching everywhere for one.



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