Monday, July 16, 2012

Positive Street Art


Mademoiselle Maurice spreads peace with colorful origami street art

Sweet messages left behind by Color Me Katie

Always a good reminder :)

Reverse graffiti by street artist Moose

Wall carving by Russian artist Vhils

I love it when I find a random positive message in a public place. It just makes me smile and changes my whole outlook on the day. I think I'm going to do this form of guerilla art very soon to brighten someone's day. I might just share it with you guys, we'll see...

Anyone else find these positive messages in public places? If you have any ideas for creative ways to do this please share in the comments! I'd love to do some brainstorming and maybe you could join in with me!

Happy Monday Lovelies! :)



  1. Loving the reverse graffiti! You should check out this post on moss graffiti, i think you would like it!x

  2. I'd love to see these! Anything positive like that is wonderful. not sure I've ever seen any - usually just the normal horrible stuff. DO let us know if you partake! ;)

  3. love these!!! please check out !!!!!



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