Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ello Lovey!

Look at my new swag! My very own letterpressed tee with my shop name! My Instagram buddy Jenny Sims from Jenny Sims Makes Things is taking a letterpress class and got to try out her skills on making this shirt for me. We both share a love for all things letterpress, so I absolutely loved getting this from her. One day I hope to take some classes on it and fingers crossed... that I could have my own letterpress machine. They are pretty darn expensive though! Sheesh! One day...

Really loved the stamp on the package she sent, and with washi tape Oh My!

I just love getting happy mail when I least expect it! Don't you?


  1. You're so adorable! Love the colour of the shirt and your shorts!

  2. I just ordered four of your gorgeous illustrations from your Etsy shop! :) SO excited!



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