Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest Feature: Robin of Something Nice Designs

 I'd like to introduce you all to Robin Sheldon! She is a wonderfully talented illustrator and designer for her own line of prints, cards and more Something Nice Designs. She also does wedding design and planning with her family. This girl can do it all! I've been dying to know more about her creative life, so I decided to ask her some questions and share them with you guys.

Without further ado...

 1. Tell is a little bit about yourself.

I am an Illustration and Design major from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I come from south east Wisconsin, but currently reside in Minneapolis, MN. I have been surrounded by art my whole life. My parents are both high school art teachers and my brother is an illustrator/animator. And now if that's not enough my best friend/fiance is also an illustrator. I have always loved making crafts, using stamps, and found my love for making art on the computer at a very early age. 

2. How did you get started illustrating and designing for your shop Something Nice Designs?
Well after college and job hunting my mom and I decided that this was the time in our lives to take the time and chance of starting our own shop. It stemmed from my senior project where I made illustrated products and set up a mini shop. We are just beginning and are very excited for future art fairs and business ventures. 

3. I know you grew up in quite the creative family, so what was it like growing up in that environment? And how do you like working with your family? :)

Haha this is in my intro, I should have read ahead ;) ! Well it was pretty amazing. I had endless supplies of stamps, markers, pens, glues, art cd-rom's, and more. I really pull from my early childhood of doodling Wisconsin prairies on our camping trips and sketching at all the different art museums my parents took me to. I feel incredibly lucky to live in a family that appreciates art so much. And working with them has be amazing so far. :)

4. As designers, we are always evolving our creative style. Describe how your style of illustration has evolved to what it is today.
Wow. It's funny because this is so true. After my first year in college my art was nothing like it was in high school, and my last year there my work had finally started looking finished and professional. But even since graduating I have evolved into making better compositions, color choices, and starting collections. I hope to keep evolving and really work on my character designs and type!

5. Where do you find creative inspiration?
I really love looking at other illustrators/designers works and their process. There are so many talented ones out there that inspire me to try new things. I also love going to local coffee shops. I love living in a city that has so many coffee houses with completely different feels and filled with interesting people and spaces.

6. Do you have any advice for other people wanting to start their career in graphic design/illustration?
Network. I can't believe how inspiring and helpful it has been connecting with people. Plus it feels great to get feedback.

7. You have also done some work for weddings. How did that start and what's your favorite part of being involved in that realm?

I have done work for three weddings now. It honestly started with friends being super supportive of me and giving me a chance to do things for their weddings. I have made custom invites, table cards, signs, thank you notes, and decorations. I was even a wedding planner for one. My favorite part has been probably the custom invites, I love capturing the couples personalities! 

Thanks so much Robin for letting us in on your world and sharing your advice! So great to know more about you!

See more of Robin here:


  1. Her shop is adorable! I especially like the house pillows :)
    Great feature!!

    1. I love the pillows too! So cute! I'm glad you liked the feature Duni :)

  2. Seriously loving those wedding invitations! Too bad I'm already married, or I'd snap them up. Perhaps for an elaborate vow renewal...

    1. Aren't they great!? So unique and fun! I say yes, keep them in mind for a grand renewal of the vows ;)



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