Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sailing into June...

 Go download this boat full of fun diy calendar for the month of June from the fine people at Scout Creative! You can visit their site and sign up for the Calendar of the Month Club if you haven't already. They are always fun and beat the regular old calendar on the wall any day :)

Keeping with the red white and blue theme... a friend made these beautiful Red, White and Blueberry Cheesecake Yogurt Cupcakes over Memorial Day Weekend and they were so delicious!! I had one, went back to get another one, and they were all gone :( So I'm thinking of making another batch soon. It is such a great dessert to make for parties. The best part is that they are low in fat and you could never tell the difference! Greek yogurt is the secret super food ingredient in these bad boys. Try them out, you won't be sorry :) You can find this recipe on along with many other healthful and delicious recipes.

Happy Wednesday! 



  1. Ooh they do look totally scrummy! And another new food site to add to my list!x

    1. So scrummy!! My friend uses the site all the time and loves it!

  2. yummy, thanks for sharing...have a super week!

    enjoy *~*

    1. You're welcome Teresa :) You have a lovely week too!



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