Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Well, how was everyone's weekend? Get to spend some time with your Moms or be celebrated because you're a mom? 

I took part in the Watters Creek Arts Festival in my neck of the woods, Allen, TX, over the weekend with my hubby. Friday night was literally a washout, as it rained non-stop! So we had time to be a bit silly and make moustaches out of moss which we dubbed Mosstaches :) Got to have fun, even in the rain ya know? 

Saturday we were blessed with no rain. Very much a London-like day though, very cloudy. So I had time to write some thank you cards and do a few doodles. Always nice to have time for that! 

On Sunday the sun was finally shining down on us in all its glory! :) We were so thrilled it was such a beautiful day. Lots of people came out shopping with their moms and showed us some love. I let my man "man" the booth while I took my mom out for a nice brunch and gelatto...mmm! Love my mama!

The show went pretty well overall! Lots of friends and family came out to support us and we had some really nice booth neighbors to chat with. I just love doing art shows! I always have so much fun. Can't wait 'til the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin this weekend! I hope if you are visiting Austin for the weekend or live there, that you come see me and my booth!


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