Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Over the Easter Weekend

How was your Easter weekend? I had a wonderful weekend with friends and family! Busy, but still wonderful! I started off by finally seeing The Hunger Games last Thursday. It was a great movie, we really enjoyed it. I hate to say this, but I have not read the books yet :( but I want to now when I have some more free time!

Friday was an errand running day, but I did get a chance to get together with some good friends at the end of the day and just relax. Needed that!

Saturday we drove right up the road from the house where there is a huge hill full of bluebonnets, and our photographer friend Doug took some really fun pics of Mike and me. I can't wait to see them! I'll share some with you guys when I get them. I also made some Easter baskets Saturday which was so much fun! I had a blast raiding target for goodies to go in the baskets :) They had some really cute journals and pens by the way!

Sunday we went to church then came home and I made some glazed carrots, deviled eggs, and a nice green salad to take over to my mom's house. We had a delicious Easter meal! It's always good to get together with family and laugh and talk and eat isn't it?


  1. Hunger Games! Hunger Games! I saw it, too, and would go again. (The books are even better than the movie.)

    1. I bet they are better than the movie! I just haven't had barely any time to read books here lately :( I'll read them eventually.



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