Saturday, April 7, 2012

Have a Lovely Easter Weekend!

Easter has always been a special day to me. It always brings back childhood memories of my mom playing Easter bunny to my sister and I...and let me just say, she was the best Easter bunny two little girls could ask for! Easter morning we would wake up and find a half eaten carrot along with a little note, our first clue to finding our Easter baskets. The clues took us on a hunt all over the house and back yard until we finally found our magical baskets. They were always filled to the brim with our favorite stationery and goodies from Sanrio (Hello Kitty was my girl) along with festive candy and always something a little extra. There was so much thought and love put into them. My sister and I were less than happy when my mom decided we were too old to hunt for our baskets. Haha! It will always be something we will cherish. Easter dinner is always wonderful too! We love to cook in our family, and getting together in the kitchen is just another tradition that makes Easter so special.

What kind of Easter traditions do you have with your families? I'd love to hear them! Have a blessed Easter with the ones you love and remember what really makes this a special day :)

XO, Rhianna

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