Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Trip to Round Top, TX

My weekend trip to Round Top, TX with my mom to the Spring Antique Show was a blast! It was our first time going, and we had heard it was miles worth of antiques, but there is no way we could have prepared our eyes for what we saw! It's truly incredible...antiques and vintage EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK!! We pulled into the town at night and we both were hysterical over what we saw even at night :) My eyes felt like they were popped out like some Looney Tune character! Haha!

We started bright and early on Saturday morning and, with the exception of a short break back to the ranch we were staying at, kept going til probably 6:00 that night! We're wild women when it comes to shopping for vintage!

A Few Highlights:

-Speaking with a man named Steven Porterfield of The Cat's Meow who has a beautiful array of vintage garments and is also an appraiser on Antiques Roadshow. I grabbed a couple pair of his vintage gloves. Get this...a few clients of his include the wardrobe stylists for some of my favorite shows Downton Abbey, Mad Men, and Boardwalk Empire!! I was so excited to get to know him a bit! He knows his fashion history. It was kind of cool for me considering I studied fashion design my first year in college.

-Being surprised that the Gypsy Wagon, one of my favorite stores in Dallas, had brought their beautiful wagon Gertie A-Go-Go down to Round Top for the fun!

-Eating a relaxing lunch at Legal Tender Saloon in the heart of Warrenton...much needed after a nonstop morning! This saloon takes you away to what it would have been like in the 30s or 40s. Doors open, line out the door with people waiting to grab some of the best sandwiches the area has to offer, as well as homemade pies and cookies! Such a nice treat!

-Finding everything I needed. I came looking for some decor for the wedding, and our art shows and a few other things, and I found all of that! The best part is that it was all in one town :) I ended up leaving with some pretty tea towels, a neat little tea tray, two pair of gloves, some vintage keys for making a necklace, an array of vintage jars, a couple wooden boxes, letterpress stamps, a lovely floral tablecloth, a set of old green shutters, a window pane, and the last day I found a vintage suitcase and coffee grinder...whew! Got everything for a great deal though! You can usually get the seller to go down in price, some without even saying anything ;)

-Getting to see the beautiful country pastures full of Texas' Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes! I just had to stop and snap a few pictures, they were everywhere and so gorgeous.

-Relaxing at the end of the day in a log cabin style full size bunk bed! Lol! It's been quite a while since I slept in a bunk bed, can't say that I ever will again, but for the time it was a nice place to rest after an exhausting day of picking!

I had such a great time on my trip with my mom, and I will definitely be back to Round Top again for another Antique Weekend! I was in heaven :) There was still ground left to cover, if you can imagine! Well, I would recommend this to anyone! Even if you just go for a day, it's worth the thrill! Here's to next time Round Top! ;)


  1. Wow I am so jealous right now! This place looks amazing!! You got some serious booty as well, I bet you were surrounded by purchases on the trip back! Now I really can't wait for the carboot sales to start!x

    1. It was definitely a full load the way home! :) luckily, everything fit in my mom's SUV! She only got 2 small things. I, on the other hand, went a little nutters! :)



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