Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Doodle A Day Giveaway

As promised, I am having my first giveaway on the blog! Just got back from Round Top, TX for the huge Spring Antique Show, so I'm a little behind on posting this. Apologies :)  

So, here is a roundup of my March daily doodlings which I shared on Instagram! There are a couple of personal ones in there that could be taken out, but I just wanted to share them all! A special BIG THANKS to all my Instagram followers and all their support and kind comments as I doodled my way through the month! 

The prize for this giveaway is an 8x10 Print of your choice of one of my daily doodles!
If you would like a closer look at them, just click the above photo, or you can view them on the Instagram app with the username @ellolovey or online at this webstagram link.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below telling me what your favorite doodle is. You will have until Wednesday, April 4th to pick your fave and enter. I'll choose a winner using a random number generator and announce the lucky winner on Thursday April 5th!

Here's to a month full of fun doodling, that has only made my passion for it stronger!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank one lovely lady, Krystie-Lee Hayhoe of Treehouse and Bird, for encouraging me to do this challenge! She also shares her beautiful and inspiring doodles on Instagram :)

XO, Rhianna


  1. I've love seeing these everyday! I'm absolutely in love with number 8! I'm a real outside girl and love outdoorsy fresh air!

  2. These are all so great how do I choose?! I think it has to be number 23, I just love that saying and I always sing it in my head when I see it! x

  3. I just got sucked into looking at your whole Instagram account. You have a great eye!

    Anyway, I think I'd pick the T. Rex love conversation. Cracked me up.

  4. I love number 13! We collect and display all kinds of old time alcohol and bar signs and have them assembled in a sort of growing collage in the kitchen. I could so see this in a frame going right along with Mr. Jack Daniels!

    -Tiffany from Mom's Daily Zen

  5. There are so many that I like, but the knitter in me would insist I go with number 29. I love the yarn and socks.

  6. These are all fab, but I'd pick number 2: 'you're the apple of my eye' x

  7. I loved following your monthly doodles on IG, it inspired me to do the same this month.
    I'd have to pick number 18 even though I had a tough one cause I love the "when the moon..." doodle almost as much.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  8. sock monkey!!!! no. 30!! :)

  9. Hey Rhianna, your blog is so great:] This giveaway is a super fun idea! choosing just one doodle is almost impossible...but i am still very much in love with that umbrella! cheers;] Krystie-Lee

  10. Hi Rhianna, I'm so glad I've been able to follow these lovely creations via instagram. While it was a tough decision, I would love to have #10 somewhere in my home! Can't wait to hear the results! - Taren (oslo&alfred)

  11. Thank you all for commenting and entering! You guys are the best! I can't wait to see which doodle gets turned into a print!

  12. Although I've loved looking at all of these on IG over the month, I think the bubble bath for March 31st is....sigh....awesome.




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