Thursday, December 20, 2012

Handmade & Heartfelt Update

Thanks to my wonderful Ello Lovey customers, we have raised $108! Half of the amount going to the North Texas Food Bank and the other half going to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue!
50% of each sale made in December has been donated to The North Texas Food Bank and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.

Thank you so much for helping me give to those in need this Christmas season! I'm so grateful to be able to give back. I hope this will truly help in a big way!


  1. What a wonderful way to give back during the holidays. Now I'm off to Stalk your shop!

  2. so great to use your platform to give back! new follower! excited to keep looking back :) visiting you from the etsy blog team :) lovely blog!


  3. Hi! I found your wonderful blog through the Etsy team. I am now following your blog and have chosen you for the Liebster Award. Go to my blog to get your award! :)



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