Monday, February 27, 2012

Over the Weekend...seen through my phone

I had a fun weekend! Hope you all did too! I visited the very hip area on Knox/Henderson in Dallas with so many fun little shops and places to eat and hang out. A few of my favorites are the Pearl Cup, Milk and Honey, and We Are 1976. The Pearl Cup is a great spot to grab a cup of coffee or their famous heart latte.

Milk and Honey is a clothing store with a similar style to Anthropologie, but with more reasonable prices. I'm quite surprised at the affordability of their beautiful clothes. Think Zooey Deschanel kind of style :) The store is simply beautiful and creative in it's displays as well.

We Are 1976 is probably my favorite non-clothing store in Dallas. Being an illustrator/designer, it's like heaven to me. It's filled with silk-screened posters, a wide assortment of paper goods, books, gifts and art from local artists and designers. Sigh...I visited the shop because I love it and wanted to inquire about maybe adding my own artwork to the shop. I've sent in my submissions, so we'll see soon!

Next up, we visited the Historic McKinney Flour Mill,
where a very special event will be held in a couple months :)
The mill, just off the downtown McKinney square, was built in 1872 and now holds special events. It is expanding this year to include urban lofts and studios! It's going to be one very creative and unique renovation, while still maintaining the historic character of the building. Well, I got to take a tour of the upstairs site where the construction will begin, and I snapped some pics with my phone. It looks as if the old mill workers had only just left for a lunch break! That's how much history is left in the building. I was in awe of the beauty of it. Sigh again...

Have a great week everyone!  


  1. hello! got here from the etsy blog team post:)
    your blog is very inspiring..i really like your work!

    1. Hi Minji! Thanks for visiting! And thank you for the kind words :) Hope I continue to inspire you!



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