Friday, February 10, 2012

Etsy Find Friday

Well it wasn't hard to find these babies, as the small pink purse by Octopurse was featured as one of the Handpicked Items on the Etsy front page, but the typewriter caught my eye for sure! I have a small collection of retro and vintage typewriters (2 to be exact) :), and I love anything to do with them.
When I saw the whole collection of colorful clutches and coin purses, I gasped! I love their whimsy and personality. They remind me of the shoulder bag I had in college that looked like an old school boombox, which I sadly left on the train one morning, never to see again :( (Rebekah you might remember this) I digress! Having one of these purses might make up for that. The prints are so playful and fun! I mean a View-Finder purse? How is that not fun?
Go check out Daphne's shop Octopurse on Etsy and I think you just might fall in love too. Everyone have a Happy Friday and a great weekend! I'll be running the Hot Chocolate 5K Run in the morning with some girlfriends! Wish me luck, it's my first 5K...eep!


  1. Super cute!!! The typewriter ones are great! Awesome finds today. I'm a new follower, visiting from EBT. =)

  2. Funny, I just discovered Octopurse yesterday, and now I'm seeing it again here. Maybe it's a sign!

  3. These retro picks are awesome! Such colorful fun items.

    Link up your Friday Feature with me!

  4. Nice to meet you Kim! Thanks for visiting from the EBT and following!

    Paige, I saw it on the handpicked items on etsy the other day. That might be where you found it too. Or...maybe it is a sign. Hmmm?

    Thanks Rose, I'll do that! :)

  5. omgoodness. i love these! genius.




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