Saturday, December 10, 2011

Busy Weekend...

I have been a busy little bee! Taking new pictures for the shop and getting prints out the door this weekend. All while working on a project for a book that I can't talk about just yet, but I will announce pretty soon!  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and perhaps getting a little shopping done too :)
P.S. The above print is in the shop ready to go! Perfect for crafters :)


  1. Stopping in from Etsy Blog Team...How sweet the little sewing novelty print is...perfect for the sewing nook! Happy December from Vancouver, Canada!

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by! Thanks for the sweet comment! Happy December to you as well! All the way from Cananda too! The internet is wonderful :)

  3. Thank you Paige! Happy you dropped by to say hello :)

  4. You HAVE BEEN crazy busy, that's for sure! So proud of you and your work is absolutely beautiful!!



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