Friday, September 30, 2011

London & Paris Here I Come...Again!

I'm going back for a second time to fabulous London & Paris with my family in a week! Last time I was so prepared.....this time not so much! I have been looking up some places I want to visit this time and I came across these beautifully illustrated maps of both cities. The London Map is done by Tilly of Running For Crayons and the Paris map is a circa 1940's map created by Lucien Boucher (looks like it could have been illustrated today and be current). They point out most of the major attractions, but I also like to go to unexpected places while I'm traveling. So friends, if you know of some cool places to visit in or around either city I would LOVE to know about them!


  1. spitalfields market is a good place to go in London. it's also right near brick lane and there's some cool places round there :) failing that, camden is good for shopping and the nightlife is excellent. a good place to do some drawing too! :) have an awesome trip!

  2. Oh that sounds great! Thanks for the ideas! I love fun little markets :) I will definitely check these out!



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