Friday, September 6, 2013


A fellow doodler sent me a few of her favorite doodles from the 
Doodle a Day August challenge and I thought I would share them along with a few of my favorites since I haven't shared them here in quite a while! Thanks for sharing Berlyn! Great job!

Starting out are Berlyn's drawings...



In the sky



Follow Berlyn's doodles on Instagram (@berlynhubler)

And here are some of my favorite doodles from August...






It's always fun to see how people interpret the topic so differently sometimes. I love doing this challenge, and I'm glad their are lots of new doodlers joining in every month. It's also great to see people keep at it month after month. It's a great feeling to fill up the pages of your sketchbook and look back on how much you've progressed!

XO, Rhi

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