Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello Friday!

Whipped this up on a whim! I'm realizing more and more that if you just take a leap at something the "net" will appear. Fear and doubts can build up in your head, but if you just brave your way through it, somehow you find yourself reaching your goal and growing beautifully in the process.

Well, deep thoughts this Friday huh? :) Hope you take a risk you've been wanting to take.
Here's to being fearless!

Happy Weekend my loves :)

xox, Rhi


  1. i'm realizing this too! and i love the visual.

  2. I needed to see this. I took a leap not long ago.. the net? Well, part of it appeared, still waiting for the rest, lol. Found your post in etsy blog team. :-)

    1. Well I'm glad you saw this :) Hold on. I know the rest appear when you need it the most. Thanks for stopping by my blog!



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