Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Etsy shop "Ello Lovey" makes its Debut Today!!!

I have been developing my very own Etsy shop for the past year keeping all my projects a secret, but now I can finally shout it out and celebrate "I'm an Etsy Seller!!" I've created some very charming designs I am selling as prints for you and your friends to hang up in your lovely spaces to brighten your day. I hope you cherish them as much as I do.  I will constantly be working on new pieces for my shop. Please do check it out and tell all your friends! Thank you dearly! -xoxo Rhianna



  1. Hi Rhianna, is it hard to set one of these up?
    I like that you have kept everything top secret, will go have a look asap.

  2. Hi Willow, to answer your question, no it's not hard to set it up, it's just time consuming. To me though, the time spent is worth it because it's what I love to do. I hope you enjoy my shop! Have you been looking to open up one?

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  4. I have been thinking about ways to get my illustration out into the world, sort of a marketing thing since I am trying to build up my portfolio and gain exposure. Did you make the frames for your prints or did you buy them? I am thinking about a product range that I can get into the world with my images on them.

  5. I did buy them at my local craft store, but I have also been trying to find some at thrift stores to use or repaint. You should definitely give Etsy a try! It's a great website for your craft and getting exposure. That's really what i want to do too. It's a great way to connect with other artist also. I wish you luck!

  6. Thanks, you have been very helpful. Good luck with your shop!



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